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Iris Kuhnert

German Association

Iris Kuhnert

Iris Kuhnert is our German-speaking colleague.

She has a lot of experience and lived and worked in Japan in the HR business.

She facilitated leadership trajectories throughout Europe and also in Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Asia.

Her most explicit personal characteristics are a great self-motivation, an iron will to succeed, the ability to switch swiftly between man and process and her communicative skills in German, English and Japanese.

Iris has a lot of skills in change management and in guiding teams towards lasting success.

She is the perfect person to create a safe environment where the coachee becomes the owner of his or her development and personal growth.

She teaches HR & cross-cultural management at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen.

Customers describe her as very committed, creative and as a person with an open mind.

Our coaches are certified by:

  • Franklin Covey voor 7 Habits for highly effective People en 7 H/Managers
  • Franklin Covey voor Leiderschap
  • DISC-profiling, PPA en TTA
  • Medewerkers Engagement Lencioni en EQ (Goleman)
  • Leiderschapstrajecten bij Mc Kinsey en Harvard
  • Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholders Centered Coaching
  • Certified Change Facilitator